Refund and Returns


  • The buyer of physical product has a term for any return of 30 days from the shipping confirmation email.
  • If you want to make a return because the item you have received does not satisfy you or you have requested it in error, the costs related to the return (collection costs) will be borne by the buyer.
  • The buyer must follow the instructions for the return to be effective.
  • The buyer must return the product with all the parts that make up the product, this includes the box and product instructions.
  • The buyer understands that when it is a product change, the cost of return and shipping will be at the buyer’s expense.
  • The buyer understands that the return of the product and the subsequent return of the product will be subject to verification that the product is on its way back to the store.
  • The buyer understands that the return of a product that means return of money will receive the total cost of the first transaction.
  • The buyer must provide the correct information when purchasing the product for the delivery of the product to be effective, for which reason the Kiesler Electric LLC will not be responsible for the loss of the product or products due to incorrect information.
  • Products damaged by abusive manipulation, by unauthorized modification, are not covered by the guarantee, therefore the return will not proceed.
  • Received the product or products appropriately, Kiesler Electric LLC. will be in a position to make the return of the money corresponding to the product or products according to what is established here.


  • The buyer of a digital product will only be entitled to a download once for a single product after payment for that product.
  • Returns and cancellation policy: due to the type of digital product, which is downloaded after purchase, no returns are accepted.
  • If the buyer wishes to make modifications to the digital product, they must contact our design team, who will indicate the steps they must follow to make such modifications. This could involve additional cost.